Surviving a Horse Race DJ Event

Surviving a Horse Race DJ Event

DJing in a bar is similar to a training camp. This is where most DJs learn the ropes. It is very much different when you are inside a DJ booth where everything is laid out before you and all you have to do is play some music and blabber. Bar DJing allows you to master the art of DJing. But, there are several occasions that you need to watch out for. Since the Grand National is just a couple of weeks away, bars and pubs away from the Aintree are most likely to broadcast live races from their televisions. Thinking of getting a gig during the Grand National as a DJ? Here are a few tips on how to take the mixing booth and spin those discs during Grand National season.

It is important that you know in advance which of the races the bar is likely to host. You can check the sporting calendar and discuss the details with the manager. Plan in advance whether you would be playing music or doing a commentary, or both. Take a cue from DJ Carlos Irie  who hosts a podcast for the Cheltenham Festival. He interviews and asks for tips from experts like Paul Nicholls, British National Hunt trainers and Betfair Ambassadors, during the festival’s preview.  This way you will learn which direction your commentary should go.

Dj mixes the track

Create the Atmosphere
Carefully choose the tunes that you are going to play during the event. As a DJ, you should know what tunes are most likely to set the mood. Research on what type of music would appeal to your crowd and the sporting occasion.


Stay Focused
As a DJ, you are the master of entertainment. So, don’t get too caught up in the race that you no longer know what to do as soon as the race comes to a halt. Make sure you have a set that you can play going to play as soon as the race ends. Give a commentary when it’s necessary. If you can, ask someone from the audience to share their thoughts on the last race.

Join the Fun
When you are not DJing as the race is ongoing, grab a beer and enjoy the race.


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