Wedding DJ San Jose Airport Garden Hotel

Wedding DJ San Jose Airport Garden Hotel

We have been DJing a lot of Gipsy Weddings, They are usually on a weekday and extravagant weddings with beautiful cakes, dresses, suits. lights, decor. Wondeful flavorful food, Then later on in the night, the familys and the elders get served steak dinner and bless the food and keep there traditions.

After that awesome spanish guitar dancing music, freestyle, electronic music, all very clean songs.
Events can be usually over 150-200-500 people. All Close Family and friends. I enjoy DJing for them because they are hospitable and nice parties. They have there own ways of doing things which have been passed down through there family. I have a lot of respect for them.

We provided the DJ MC & Lighting & Led Uplighting.Photo Booth.

This is our DJ Set up and Lights.

Our DJ and Led Uplighting


Here is the Engagement Party a few weeks before same location.

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