Sunol Country Club DJ

Sunol Country Club DJ


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Christina Pereira – Sunol Country Club – May 31st

Ceremony and Reception
1) Processional music including bride walking down the aisle (I don’t want here comes the bride):
Ettore Stratta: Baroque Chamber Orchestra Pachelbel: Canon & Gigue In D – Canon 4:55 Classics Greatest Hits Classical – I have this available on CD if you need it.

2) Bride & Groom first Dance:
Peter Gabriel: “The book of love” – I have this downloaded from itunes if you need it.

3) Father/daughter:
T Carter Music: “Daddy’s Angel”
– My dad cannot stand or walk very well so if you can only play the 1st verse up through the chorus that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

4) Mother/Son:
Edwin McCain: “Letter to my Mother”
Music types we really like are 80s rock (like Journey and similar) and 80’s pop (things you can sing along to), top 40, oldies R&B (like Tempations or Al Green etc…).

Do Not Play:
house, techno or any kind of conga line or dance step song (like electric slide).

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