Garden Court Hotel DJ

Garden Court Hotel DJ – Palo Alto Wedding DJ & Photo Booth.
4:00pm – 6:00pm –
August 16th 2014
Ceremony & Cocktail Hour – Magnolia Jazz Band (photo booth ready to go by 4:30PM)

Reception Timeline
6:00 PM – 6:15PM –
1. Grand Entrance – Guests enter the ballroom and are asked to join Laura & Dave around the dance floor for the first dance – Bride and Groom enter and are announced as

6:10 PM Dave & Laura Machado (please do not use Mr. & Mrs.)

2. First Dance – I Choose You by Sara Bareilles –
We may now dance for the entire song; at the end of our dance we will take a bow and walk off the dance floor; at this time, please ask the guests to find and take their seats and the first dance song can continue playing as guests find their seats and perhaps fades into another song if guests are still being seated.

6:20 PM
3. Wedding Toasts by:
1. Mike & Mary Griffith (Parents of the Bride) – Once all the Guests have taken their seats Laura’s parents will give a welcome toast; please invite Mike & Mary to give their toast and provide them with a wireless mic, Laura’s parents will stand near Laura & Dave’s table to give their toasts and it is very important to us that all the toasts are audible by our guests.

1A, Matt Hurley (Friend of the Groom) – toast give in same location as previous toasts
2 Ashley Stone (Friend of Bride) will give a toast after Kyle and dinner will then begin after her toast

4. Dinner – . Please play enjoyable music that is appropriate during dinner and allows guests to enjoy dinner and their conversations with each other (please be mindful of the volume).
Table toasts.

5. Toasts by Additional Members of the Wedding Party – Towards the end of dinner the following individuals will give toasts in this order:

1. Kyle Pilgeram & Jasmine (Friend of Groom) will give a toast in the same location as where
2. Nicole Petraglia (Friend of the Bride) – toast give in same location as previous toasts

Laura & Dave – Thank You – please do not share that we are speaking with others until we have taken the possession of the mic; – Susan – we have not shared with anyone other than you and Chris Webb that we are giving a Thank you/Saying a Few Words…we know this means 6 total toasts but this is VERY important to us! This is not to be shared with parents or other guests, etc.
6. After Dinner, please ask the guests to join as at the dance floor again for the following:
Father/Daughter – Hey Jude by the Beatles –
Mother/Son Dance – Mae, Jorge Ferreira –

7. Dancing – Please play AWESOME music that will allow our guests to have a fantastic time on the dance floor!


8. Dessert – After some dancing, Dave & Laura will make their way towards the dessert table, Dave & Laura will then release the desserts from their confines (cut the ribbon), choose a dessert and eat it!

9:55 Bar Closes

9. Dancing – More dancing!! Please play AWESOME music that will allow our guests to have a fantastic time on the dance floor!
10 PM Wedding ends.

Peninsula DJ.

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