sunol country club DJ

sunol country club DJ

July 12, 2015 which is from 4-10pm, at the Sunol Valley Country Club.
Sunol Valley Golf Club

6900 Mission Rd, Sunol, CA 94586

10 Orange Uplights, 3 cake spotlights, slideshow.

Jackie & Eddie’s Wedding : August 2, 2014 6:00 pm at Sunol Valley Golf Club


1) Wedding Service (6:00-6:50)

* Prelude – Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring by J.S. Bach
– Canon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel (additional if needed)
– Airoso by J.S. Bach (additional if needed)
– Suite for Solo Cello by J.S. Bach (additional if needed)

* Processional
1) Eddie’s grandmother (escorted by Peter, Eddie’s brother), Eddie’s parents,
and Jackie’s mother (escorted by Moohoon, Jackie’s brother)
– Prince of Denmark’s March (Trumpet Voluntary) by Jeremiah Clarke
2) Groomsmen (Frank & Justin), groom, and pastor Timothy (enter in order from side)
– Prince of Denmark’s March (Trumpet Voluntary) by Jeremiah Clarke
3) Bridesmaids (Rebecca & Cindy) – Butterfly Waltz by Brian Crain
4) Bride & her father – A Thousand Years (Piano/Cello Cover) by The Piano Guys

* Call to worship (Rev. Timothy Kim)
* Hymn
* Prayer (Mr. John Koh)
* Scripture reading
* Pastor’s message
* Exchange of vows / Exchange of rings – My Promise to You by Miranda Wong (you may have to play twice of this one just in case our vows and ring exchange goes longer than the length of this music)
* Unity sand ceremony (Eddie & Jackie) – River Flows in You by Yiruma
* Prayer of blessing
* Declaration of marriage
* Benediction
* Gratitude to parents (Eddie & Jackie will hug and give flowers to parents)
– The Prayer (Instrumental, Piano & Cello) originally by Andrea Bocelli
* Announcement (Erik Yi, Eddie’s uncle)
* Recessional – Have a Nice Day by VITO

2) Photo shooting (By photographers) (6:50-7:20)

3) Reception

7:00 Cocktail hour – Chris’ choices

7:40 Wedding party entrance

L.O.V.E. by Nat King Cole
Eddie’s grandmother (Mrs. Chun)(escorted by Peter Yi),
Eddie’s parents (Mr. & Mrs. Yi), Jackie’s parents (Mr. & Mrs. Kang),
Frank & Rebecca, and Justin & Cindy

It Had to be You by Harry Connick Jr.
Bride & Groom – MR & Mrs …

7:50 Bride & groom surprise dance on the stage – Propose (music that Jackie provided) right after grand entrance
7:55 Seating of bridal party
8:00 Blessing for the meal (Pastor Kim)
8:05 Dinner served
8:10 Slide Show – Jackie will mail it in DVD to Chris tomorrow
8:15 Speech and toast after salad served (Frank, Rebecca, and Eddie)
8:30 Bride & groom visit each table to greet : during dinner
9:00 Bride & groom’s first dance followed by father-daughter & mother-son dance
(Eddie & Jackie will do the first dance(Waltz) for about 1-2 minutes, and Eddie will invite his mom and Jackie will invite her dad to dance floor and we will all do Waltz for another one minute or so) (So, please play “This is Love” for this entire dance)
– This is Love (Erik Michael)

This is Love – Eric Michael Wedding Song EP feat. Brooke Annibale

9:05 Bride & groom’s another dance –Trouble Maker (music that Jackie provided)
(Eddie and I will pretend to go back to our seats after the dance, and please play “Trouble Maker” when Eddie gives you a sign, then we will have another surprise dance)
9:10 Cake cutting & serving (with Toast by Justin)
– This will be (Natalie Cole)
9:15 Bouquet toss
– Girls Just Want to Have Fun (Cindi Lauper)
– Single friends list
(We can call their names just in case they are not coming up voluntarily hehehe)
Aram Kim/ Cindy Ko/ Haeran Lee/ Hyeseon Oh/ Jennifer Yi/ Lani Lee/
Mindy Park/ Ryang Kim/ Sarah Yi/ Seoyoon Ahn/ Sujin Choi/
Thuvan Huynh/ Vivien Cal/
9:20 Everybody dancing – Chris’ choices + Korean Pop dance music Kpop Jackie provided
11:30 Last dance








KPOP Korean Dancing fun. Korean Pop.

Korean American Wedding DJ

Processional Wedding Bay Area. East Bay.Thank you to the Parennts.

Korean Ceremony

Dinner Fun with the kids.

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