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Hiring a DJ in the Bay Area? Advice!


California Disc Jockey Co. is a full-time, family and close friends operated, professional DJ/MC service. With us you would get the Disc Jockey you meet at any initial get together – which we insist on! No doubt it’ll be Chris  our main DJ/MC, from Cirencester  in England and now settled in the Bay Area –  Chris  is our wedding DJ expert!

Chris just loves working at weddings – and if you click on the “Testimonials” link above you’ll see some of the nice words said about his service from our 2009 up to now 2017 couples! These are all verifiable and we have these testimonials in our “wedding book” which we’d love to show you! Chris will happily coordinate ALL of your wedding reception, announcements and introductions which would be presented with class and timeliness.

Photographers, caterers and management would all be “worked with” to insure a steady, seamless flow of events. Chris will make certain EVERYTHING goes to plan!


This really does count! Chris has worked at so many weddings and parties that he has developed some wonderful people skills and ways to make you and your guests feel comfortable and relaxed-no matter what their age. Experience reduces your anxieties and raises your dream of a wonderful wedding day!


Chris takes his profession seriously and has a lot of fun at the same time! Over the years Chris  has experienced so much at weddings and parties that he has developed seamless skills in the way a wedding is planned. We really love to meet up for what we like to call our “pre-planning stage” this is when you let us know how you want your wedding to be – Remember it’s YOUR wedding! There are no “dead” moments at weddings we work for as we will have worked on our customized professional “DJ/MC Planner” with you so that everything runs smoothly and to plan. Everything we do is geared up for your big day and happiness.

Balance and Refinement:

The best weddings are always balanced well. We like to balance our service with your exact wishes and what we “feel” your wedding party want. We encourage requests but know where to draw the line with what is, and is not, appropriate at a wedding! We discourage these requests by simply being POLITE! All our announcements are made with style, refinement and happiness. We don’t shout and scream “Let’s Party” or stand on tables dancing around! We do have a blast when the moment is right – our enthusiasm for having a good time is “contagious” you will see it and feel it! All weddings are different some are “laid back”, some are “hi-energy” and most are usually something in between, whichever – we can cope as there will be music for all at hand! From lots of Big Band Music, Crooner Classics to the 70s to the latest Top 40 and everything in between! We do try to avoid playing “same old, same old” music such as the dreaded Chicken Dance, Money Dance and the Hokey Pokey! We have some great alternatives…

Customer Service:

This is a major strong point with us!  We take care of you and your guests along with other vendors you have hired. Being polite is nice!


Feel free to click around our website, get to know a little more about us and call us if you wish! Guess what for? – A talk about you and YOUR wedding and what YOU want! We don’t have a slick sales pitch just honest answers to your questions and a desire to make your wedding a day to treasure forever.

California Disc Jockey Co.,
San Francisco, CA

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