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Hire Arabic DJ ~ Dj of San Francisco, Bay Area Arabic DJ for your Wedding, Club and Mobile Event DJ,
Engagement for women & men, House music Party Prom, Radio Sweet 16 ..

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Traveling all around USA and the World.
We play arabic music from Bahrain, saudi arabia, Iraq, middle east, Palestinian, algeria, morocco, Arabia, lebanon, Somalia Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Farsi, Jordan, Egyptian, Yemen. DJ العربية للجميع الفعاليات .

Arabic DJs offer a wide variety of music, from different Country, and English music from the 60’s to today’s top 40 hits. Our music selections are built to have everyone up and dancing.

We will do all introductions and make any announcements. We will play the music that YOU want to hear
in a smooth and seamless way, keeping the momentum of your party. We will read the crowd, connect with the guests, and ensure everyone has a great time.

Also have female DJs or we can set up 2 rooms of music for the men and women.

we strive to bring cutting edge ideas and options to our valued clients and we have the best sound / speakers Lighting for every event.

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Partial Songlist

Albi Ya Ho – Hakim
El Wala Wala (Hey Dude) 6:15 Hakim  Arabic Twisted Easy Listening
Allah Aliek Ya Sidy 3:37 Ehab Tawfik Homma Kelmetain World
Homma kelmetain 4:35 Ehab Tawfik Homma Kelmetain World
Dalaa Elaamar 4:13 Ehab Tawfik Homma Kelmetain World
Kadaak 3:50 Ehab Tawfik Homma Kelmetain World
Bayet Bayoot 3:45 Fares Karam El Hamdlilah World
BARSHA 3:55 Saber El Rebaie
El Gherbi 3:45 Fares Karam El Hamdlilah World
El Hamdlilah 4:05 Fares Karam El Hamdlilah World
El Tannoura 2:34 Fares Karam Lebanon Remix 2008 World
El Tannoura-Extended 6:03 Fares Karam DABKE 2
Fares_Karam-Dakhelo 4:04 Nogomi.com_Fares_Karam匀 Dakhelo Arabic
Amarain 4:29 Amr Diab Amarain World
Bahibak Aktar (With Angela Dimitriou) 3:38 Amr Diab Amarain World
Lawn Ouyounak (The Colours Of Your Eyes) 3:57 Nancy Ajram Ah W Noss World
Tab Lih – Ragheb Alameh 2:18 Various Artists Best Of Mix 2003 World
Arabic – Hakim – Le Le Le Le 4:13
Third Movement, From Symphony No.1 10:25 Mahler Classical Classical
EL E’rs-Ya dar mnwar – wedding song arabic 4:22 Fares Karam 3RD B & G SONG Arabic Wedding Songs
Ragheb_Alama-El_Hob_El_Keber 5:12 Nogomi.com_Ragheb Alama El Hob El Keber Arabic
Tolli Ya Zeina – wedding 4:59 Tony Kiwan Arabic Wedding Songs
Tall El Ariss here comes bride arab 3:52 Tony Kiwan 1ST SONG OF THE NIGHT FOR DANCING
Nari Narien 3:39 DJ Raffy Arabian Pleasure World
Salma Ya Salama 3:33
Nari Nari 4:21
rohff ft. mohamed lamine & cheb mami – mon bled (rainb fever 4:03
Abdul Kader, Khaled Cheb Mami – Best Arabic Music.mp4 4:09
Fares Karam _ Khetyar 3al 3ekaze 3:30
Nancy Ajram – Moshta’a Leik 4:55
Fadel Shaker – Ya 7ayat Elro7 0:54
Ragheb Alama -Yegheeb  5:20
Nawal Zoghbi – AL Layaly 4:27
shereen Kattar khairi video 2009 with english subtitles 5:21
Nancy Agram – Mashy Haddy 4:50
Nancy Ajram – Enta Eih 5:31
Nancy Ajram – Enta Eih 5:31
Ehab Tawfik – Aal Gerah  4:07
Fares Karam – Howara 7:34
Ehab Tawfik – Tetraga Fia  5:28
Fares Karam- 3al 3een molayeteen (Lebanon) 6:42
Amr Diab – Habibi Ya Nour El Ayn Arabic Song 5:12
Amr Diab Sa’ban alayya The best song Amr Diab 3:42
Don Omar & Arabic Hakim-Tigy Tigy Good Quality 3:41
Mawood 6:46 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic Techno
Leilet Hob Remix 5:30 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic Techno
Sawah 5:19 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic Techno
Flamenco Trip 7:43 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic Techno
The Chant 5:14 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic
Crying Angels 4:17 Various Artists The Best
Fortune Teller 6:50 Various Artists The Best Of Arabic Techno

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