Bilingual DJ

Bilingual DJs

Bilingual DJs Speaking Asian & Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese & Thai, Indian & Punjabi, Arabic, Russian, Armenian, Persian, European British & Irish, Brazilian & Latin covering the entire SF Bay area, San Jose.

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I play International DJ for all kinds of Parties. Music From Different Languages and also work with the Top Bilingual DJs/MC.

  • Speaking Asian & Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese & Thai,Cantonese Mandarin.
  • Latin & Brazilian, Mexican, South American, Spain.
  • Indian & Punjabi, Hindi, Arabic, Turkish, Bollywood, Hindi, Punjabi, Afghani, Persian,
  • European British & Irish, Russian, Armenian, French, Italian, German, Greek, Portuguese, Jewish.
  • Caribbean, Hawaiian South Pacific, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Fiji.
  • African, Tribal, Drum Reggae.
  • Australian & New Zealand.
  • American

Led Dance Floor

We have the Whole World Covered!
World Beat – (Any of these types of music, All Night Long) I can Play it all, with over 25 Years Experience in Clubs, Resorts, Private Events, Hotels across the world. Electronic, Ethnic, Traditional, You Name it. Plus All American Music.Available for Bay Area and USA, International Travel for any Events like House Party, Holiday Party, Pool Party, Birthday, Graduation, Wedding or for any Events you wish for………British DJ in the SF Bay Area, So if you are interested, let me know. (No extra For my Accent :).
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