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Ceremony DJ Wedding (Timeline for Ceremonies)
 1. Background music
 2. Seating of the parents-Officiant – Groomsman March.
 3. Wedding Party March-Flower Girl- Ring Bearer – Maid of Honor
 4. Processional : Bride Walks Down the Aisle with her Father “Here
 Comes the Bride”
 5. Vows
 6. Recessional Bride and Groom are Married Hitched Special Momments
 that Last Forever!

 Reception DJ – Music – (Timeline for Wedding Receptions)
 1. Cocktail Hour
 2. Arrival of the Wedding Party Grand Entrance –
Announce –
Mr & Mrs
Mr & Mrs
Newlyweds Applause
Mr & Mrs
 3. Wedding Jazz Background Type – Dinner Is Served-Dinner Music-
 (Games Optional)
 4. Toast Best Man Maid of Honor Speech …
 5. 1st Dance –
Father/Daughter –
Mother/Son Dance –
Wedding Party –
 Everybody Dances
 – Optional Money Dance .
 6. Bouquet Toss –
      Garter Toss –
 7. Cake Cutting –
 8. Dance Music – Dancing
(List dancing music here)
 9. Last Dance Song of the Night – Bride & Groom Thank There Guests
 Departure – Goodnight Sweetheart.




Music Songlist:

Quick Links:
Wedding Songs    wedding songs
Top 200

–>MASTER LIST – Please keep all songs and events on one listThis list can also be your Timeline for all your Vendors – You may customise the List – Your Day Your way !.


1. *Sing part of a song, give a toast, or tell a story to get the bride and groom to kiss
2. *Sing part of a song to be allowed to go to the buffet table
3. *Blindfold the guy who caught garter before he removes the garter from the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet
4. *Married couples dance and we find out who has been married the longest at the reception
5. *Blindfold the bride and she guesses which arm muscle belongs to the groom
6. *Blindfold the groom and he feels hands or calves and guesses which one belongs to the bride
7. *The bride moves an egg through the grooms pants
8. *The bride and groom eat something and come together for a kiss
9. *The groom pays the bride a compliment for each step he takes toward her
10. *The bride is blindfolded and has to find the money on the groom
11. *Guests have to do what the bride and groom say to get a personal item back
12. *”Ex-boyfriends” and “ex-girlfriends” return the “keys” to the bride and groom’s apartments
13. *Musical chairs
14. *The groom guesses which lipstick mark belongs to the bride
15. *The groom is blindfolded and has to walk without knocking down the wine bottles
16. *The bride has to catch the cherry
17. *Guests need to get pencils, which are hanging on strings behind them, in the bottles 
18. * whos been married the longest dance, oldest married couple gets to give advice to bride & groom for a happy marriage.


1. We provide Back to back mixing of all music Review music selection songlist with client. Client can designate 25-30 songs for playlist. Artist to add creative mix based on music discussed.
2. Listening to songs on the Radio doesnt always go to well when you want your Wedding to be Enjoyed by all.
Please keep in mind that hiring a professional DJ that we know the good songs to play, If you give us an idea of types of music you like and your guests will like we can play them all.
3. You have many age groups at your event, playing music for your group is key to the sucCess of your event and that will be enjoyed by all.

Toast Givers
Have you been to an Event and you can”t hear the person giving the speech?
Please follow these guidelines to ensure everyone can hear you.

1. Talk Directly into DJs use directional wireless mics so it is very important to talk no less than 1/4 inch away.

2. If you dont speak loudly noone will hear you, it is very important that you project your voice into the mic,
If you are nervous imagine you are not talking to a large crowd, and dont get shy or timid and quiet on the mic, be strong with voice if nothing else.

3. To avoid having a feedback noise, Avoid walking in front of a speaker or getting to close to the speakers.

4. The mic will be set up on a mic stand and height adjusted.

5. I have talked to other DJs and musicians, we advise people how to use a mic, yet still when they get up on stage, The person trying to do the speech put the mic at there waist or talks quietly, or stands near a speaker. This definatly does not work good. There is only so much we can turn up the mic without having feedback.

Follow these 5 audio tips above so your Event sounds great and everybody hears your Speech !

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